1. How do I sign up?

A. On the top bar; select sign-up and fill out the form. You will then receive an email to activate your account.

2. Can I start posting immediately?

A. Yes, once you have activated your account, you can post and start using the social network.

3. How do add an event to the calendar?

A. On the bottom of the calendar, you will find the “Add Event” link, click on the link and add your event. The event will be reviewed and then posted. Only partners and sponsors are permitted to post events.

4. Can I invite non-members to be friends on the social network?

A. No, only members can get a profile, or be friends on the network.

5. How do I post on the blog?

A. You can see our “Posting” tutorial here.

6. How do use the social network?

A. See the “Social Network” tutorial here.


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