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The benefits you will receive from being a member of GreenSpringfield include a business Web profile on the social network, blog access to information provided by business owners, an events calendar highlighting seminars and workshops, and a monthly eNewsletter keeping you up to date with new business and green information.

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The benefits you will see as a partner, above and beyond those of being a member, are increased visibility in the green community, exposure to active business owners who need services and are actively pursuing new ideas, and the potential to market directly to members without the hassle of finding leads.

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Becoming a Sponsor is reserved for those businesses that wish to be pioneers in the expansion of green initiatives and small business.  As a Sponsor, you will be part of our small business grant program, giving businesses that wouldn’t normally be able to go green the financial support they need.  Sponsors will also have the benefit of reaching our members with their marketing directly.

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