GreenSpringfield is a portal for small business owners, executives and green organizations to share information pertaining to business development and the environment. Finding useful information on the internet is tedious at best; GreenSpringfield will become a single location for information and resources on the green business economy.

The GreenSpringfield web site includes: a Share Blog, a Social Network, and an Event Calendar. They each act as separate instruments in the sharing of information.

The Share Blog gives members a place to ask questions or provide information that other members may benefit from. This information can range from green initiatives to how to prepare your taxes. The scope of information can be limitless within the structure that is provided.

The Social Network is designed to connect members with the intent of facilitating relationships and networking.

Many organizations, businesses, and educational institutions have seminars, free classes and speaking events related to green initiatives and business practices. The Event Calendar acts as a catch-all for events hosted by GreenSpringfield’s partners and sponsors.

Finally, GreenSpringfield wants to give back to the community by helping local businesses financially through a new GreenGrant program. For every sponsor of GreenSpringfield, a $2500 grant will be awarded to a small business that plays an active role in making their business “green”. A grant selection committee is being established to oversee the distribution of funding for this program. You must be a member of GreenSpringfield in order to apply for a grant.

Help our community become a more sustainable green and economic environment, join GreenSpringfield today!

GreenGrant Program

At the heart of the donor is someone who wants to give back to the community. The sponsor program of GreenSpringfield facilitates giving back by awarding a grant in the amount of $2500 to a member of GreenSpringfield, who has expended significant effort in “greening” their business. Grants will be awarded in the name of the sponsor providing it.


GreenSpringfield’s mission statement is clear; economic and environmental impact through small business.  GreenGrant program is designed to reward small businesses that actively pursue making their business more energy efficient. The scope of each proposal may be larger than the grant, but not smaller. The funds awarded must directly support the businesses green energy initiatives.


To apply for or participate in the GreenSpringfield grant program, applicants must be:

  • A member of GreenSpringfield
  • Located in Western Massachusetts
  • Have under 50 employees
  • Have no outstanding tax obligations

Applicants must demonstrate a proposed project that will:

  • Decrease overall carbon footprint of their business
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Purchase products to assist in the operation of business


The GreenSpringfield will not fund the following:

  • Regular operational costs
  • Discretionary or emergency requests
  • Individuals or scholarship programs
  • Capital campaigns
  • State agencies
  • Religious programs
  • International or foreign-based programs
  • Social service programs
  • Salaries
  • Transportation costs

The deadline for applications is April 10th of each year. The grant committee will review all applications and announce the winners on June 1st of each year.