In partnership, The City of Springfield and GreenSpringfield have created a new initiative to foster a greener, sustainable and livable city.  The GreenSeal is a starting point for private companies, non-profits, academic institutions and others to participate in reducing their energy baseline and environmental impact.

Summary of Requirements to Qualify:

Commit to doing at least 7 of the following Requirements*:
All applicants must be a member of GreenSpringfield

  • Company/Organization will commit to reduce their overall energy costs by 10% over the next 5 years.
  • Company/Organization will endeavor to shrink carbon footprint.
  • Incorporate energy efficient systems into operations.
  • Inculcate an environment of conservation.
  • Implement a company wide recycling program.
  • Host or support community based environmental/conservation events, awareness, or programs.
  • Organization/Company encourages mass transit, biking and other low impact modes of transportation.
  • Company/organization encourages outdoor use of the natural environment.
  • Property maintenance adopts low energy and natural resources uses.
  • Property maintenance adopts sustainable landscaping and vegetative systems–ie.. low water usage, orientation of landscaping seasonal shading
  • Educate employees, subcontractors, customers and other stakeholders on conservation, recycling and minimizing waste.
  • Mitigate environmental impacts on neighbors by lowing noise, sun reflection, exhaust volume, water and other potentially adverse impacts.
  • Increase ventilation strategies to enhance occupants access to fresh air – improving comfort, well being and productivity.

*Company agrees to an annual self-audit – providing an update on their progress to maintain Green Seal designation.